All back windows, facing West

The back of this home used to get clobbered by the Sun. Not any longer, all of his windows including the door are now covered with are 90% sun shade fabric.


90% Sun Shade Screens for Austin TX Home

This client originally just wanted the three second floor Windows and the three Windows below that covered with the sunshade window screens. After we presented him with a call to finish out all of the rest of the windows with these Austin solar window screens.  He was so thrilled with our price that he chose to do all of the rest of the windows. Being that this side of the home is the side that faces West, the side that gets just killed by the afternoon harsh sun it only makes sense to put sunshade screens on all of these windows. He was worried about the cost which is why he originally just wanted to do the six Windows.  Once he found out how inexpensive it was to cover all of the rest of the windows he went ahead and just finished off the back side.

This customer was one that found us through our Alignable connections.

These windows have tracks at the top and bottom of the window to hold the screen in place.  In addition, because this is a windy area and also because we do this for every window that has a track at the top and the bottom, we additionally added flush clips at the center of the window to hold the screens up against the window so that the screens will never come out on their own. It’s not that we just worry about them coming out on their own it’s also when people take the screens on and off like Window Washers they have a tendency to Bow the screens out and when they put the screens back into the window the screens are bowed out.  Because we are now making them turn the flash Clips to hold the screens up against the window it Forces the screens to get pushed back up against the window and be held in place properly.