Beige Solar Screens, when to use and when not to use

Beige solar screens are pretty and they look good if you have contrasting colors around them, like shown in this picture you have the green shutters on either side of the beige solar screens.

An issue that we have with the beige solar screen fabric as well as any of the three light solar screen fabrics, the grey and a stucco solar screen fabrics, is that these colors show dirt easy.  So in the beginning the screens will look great but after a couple years some of them will start to get dirty. There are things that will cause a screen to get dirty like water running off of the roof line bringing the tar in the gunk down from the roof and the wind blowing that water onto the screen and then the sun baking that gunk on to the screen. This will cause the screens to look dirty and dark.

Now you can watch this video to see how to clean your screens.

I take our beige solar screens that we have for our home down once a year and pressure wash them. I use fence and deck cleaning solutions to pressure wash them with.  I actually lay a piece of plywood down and put a screen on top of the plywood and spray it with the fence and deck cleaning solution and then I use a scrubbing machine to actually scrub them.  Once they are scrubbed, then I will pressure wash them afterwards to clean them off.  This makes the beige screen then look good.  if you use a dark solar screen fabric like the black or chocolate, they will continue to look good year after year without having to clean them.

So for people with a small job that want to use a beige, stucco or grey solar screen fabric, it’s not all that much work to clean them. but for larger homes with a lot of Windows, a lot of Screens, it can be a lot of work to clean them. I suggest if you have a home with a lot of screens on them, that when you want them clean them to use a service the we recommend to clean them for you so that you don’t have to do it.