Grey 90% and 80% solar screen fabric

Grey 90% and 80% Solar Screen Fabrics

Here we have a picture that shows a gray solar screen installation. This particular customer wanted to use the 90% gray fabric for the top three, second floor windows. He used the 80% gray solar screen fabric for the first-floor windows. We see this quite often, and the reason is that for the first floor the customer will most likely have interior shutters or blinds, therefore they feel that the 80% fabric will be sufficient.

Grey 90% for 2nd floor and grey 80% for 1st floor windows.

As far as the second floor windows leading into the living area, typically, these windows do not have blinds or shutters therefore they need optimal amount of shade, hence the 90% fabric. As you can tell by this picture it does not look bad at all to have the 90% fabric covering those second floor windows and the 80% solar sun shade screen fabric covering the first floor windows. People that consider doing this are always worried about how it will look and as you can tell by this picture there is a difference between the two but because they used the grey fabric it turned out okay.