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We are honored to be approved by as a verified business. is a nationally well-accredited website. It is an honor that included us as one of their trusting vendors. One of their vendors that they vetted and approved.

It is important to run a business that is legitimate and one that can be vetted.  In today’s world there are so many people that just work out of their trucks.

Solar screens by Josh is a subsidiary of a corporation. A corporation that has ties with the Texas government as a vendor for the Texas government. And full shop where we process orders for pickup and assembly.

About Reputation.

It is easy for someone to get into any kind of at home labor business. Typically these are guys without storefronts, that work out of their homes. People that either a) hired someone to build a website for them or b) they used one of these easy do-it-yourself websites.

Using Review Sites.

By now, people are used to using review sites such as Google or Yelp. It is my recommendation that you always follow reviews that you find on trustworthy sites like that.

Now, that’s not say that reviews can’t be manipulated.

A good Austin TX solar screens review site is Yelp. Yelp is really stringent when it comes to posting reviews. It’s pretty hard to fake reviews on Yelp. Now, I have seen from quite a few of our young competitors, that they will get their buddies and friends to post reviews.

How do I know this, a) I have a worker that used to work for two of them b) you can tell by their pictures that they are young and most likely do not own a home. An employee of mine says that one of his employers would get guys at the bar to post reviews and he would buy them drinks and trade. That’s pretty shady to me.

Another great Austin solar screen review site is Angie’s List. Angie’s List is comprised of verified reviewers. Verified people that have verified Angie’s List accounts.

And you of course can always search on Google for Austin solar screen reviews. Google is really good about not letting reviews get posted by manipulation. The reviews from Google are generally solid.  Unless of course they are bought, which is very common.

We also have hand-written solar screen reviews on our website, if you wan to take a look.  This is a small sampling of the hundreds of these that we have collected over the years.

Who’s working at your house.

Some people don’t care who’s working at their home, while most I think do not give it a second thought.

I have several young competitors that have thorough criminal records. Now, to be fair, they may have outgrown their youthful indiscretions.  Nevertheless, to me, this knowledge sheds and insight about that person.

Here’s my recommendation. Take the owner’s name of the business and Google search it. It’s that simple. Make sure you get their full name.  And try different variations of the name. And include the part of town that you think that person lives in if you have it.

You will be shocked what kind of information is out there on the internet.

A big one, to me, is simple old Facebook. You can get a glimpse into a person’s life by looking at their Facebook profile.

I say all this, because who do you want to be buying from. Who do you want to warranty your product? Who do you trust to back up their work?

Learn about that person’s character. It’s real simple to do and just takes a few clicks of the mouse.

Insurances and Liability.

What if someone falls at your house off a roof or off a ladder?  Without workers comp insurance, that worker will come after you as a homeowner. Have you ever thought about this?

This is a significant worry. It’s a worry that I have about my own house. Granted I don’t allow too many people to work at my house cuz I do all the work myself.  But nevertheless, if I was going to have someone doing tree work, for example, I want to know definitively that that person is covered under a worker’s comp policy.

Workers comp policies are expensive. Which is why very few people carry them. We do sizable commercial government work that requires extensive workers comp and the Cadillac of general liability policies. Don’t be confused about a general liability policy. A GL policy does not cover personal body damage if a worker gets hurt at your house.

Who do you want to be buying from.

I’m riddled with laughter when I see some of my young competitors say that they have been in this business for 10 years or so. A) they are too young to make this claim, B) it’s easy to verify if they’ve had that domain name for that long.

I see on my young competitor’s website where they claim to have been around for an extended. What these youngins don’t know is that there are websites that capture snippets of websites over the years. With these websites you could see what their website look like 2 years ago 5 years ago 10 and so forth. I have checked these guys that make these claims, and none of their claims are true. Their websites were in around 3 years ago much less 10 years ago like some of them say.

Why do I bring this up? It’s about character. If someone is willing to lie to you about something so simple, also they willing to lie to you about?

Be leery of long warranties.

What kills me is there’s one particular competitor that offers a 10-year warranty.  Well, that competitor hasn’t been in business more than 3 years. How in the world can anyone offer a 10-year warranty if they’ve never been in business for 10 years?  These are just youthful mistakes. Misleading never gets you anywhere good.  My motto is to always be upfront, direct and forthright about everything. I do not like to operate in Gray.