Grey Solar Screen Fabric installation

a2011h (12)It’s not that often that we get to use our gray solar screen fabric. We did for this house and it turned out really well. This is a house in central Austin, a home built in the ’60s. Its architecture is a bit artsy, so it allowed us to use a pretty colored fabric like this. Parson could have put the black fabric on, which would have been fine, but this gray turned out really well.

These windows are windows that either are fixed, where they don’t open, or if they do open, they crank out. So the solar screens were screwed on to the window portion that cranks out so that you can crank the window out, and the solar screen’s not going to impede or impair the cranking out of the window.
a2011h (9)

If you are thinking that you would like to use the grey solar window screen fabric and would like my opinion, by all means, give me a call.  Here’s a grey solar screen installation with brown frame.  This was an unusual look but worked for this home.